Friday, 2 October 2009

Darkness Shines


You leave this world with a huge smile
with love because you were given a gift by god.
Your mission is to take care off all
the over angels that are up there with you.
You shine light down on us all and you
also shine darkness down too,
but you also fly over us with your
high temperature of wind.
You brush pass with a lightning
with a hugh gust of kisses and hugs
through the light winds at night.

© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Star Dust

Baby you’re my churb off lighting,
That spin there web at night with shining stars,
lighting through my Heart n Soul,
You’re precious heart,
You’re precious soul,
You’re my precious one,
You and I hold each other hearts n souls,
You light the world with your star dust,
You’re my life n soul that sprinkle
star dust over me at night.
You’re my little angel
that twinkles at night.
© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan

Friday, 18 September 2009

Gust of Angles

Gust of Angles

You leave this world with a huge smile and love,
because you was given a gift by god.
Your mission is to take care off all,
the other angles that are up there with you.
You shine light and darkness down on us all but you
also fly over us with your high tempture of wind.
You brush pass with a gust of dust
off kisses and hugs.

© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan

Lightness of Faith

Lightness of Faith
Your in a distance of dust in the clouds that show
up at night shining down on the loved ones with light of love
My star is with you and my dust is sprinkled
over all the loved ones down on the surface
where the darkness and lightness flash
on to the earth of love.
The clouds in the sky blow me onto my
bedded cloud where i lay and watch
the sunset and sunrise go by
thinking about the loved ones i
left behind and knowing
that my star is flashing
down on you all with love.
I'm watching you from the clouds of heaven,
with the rainbow of love shining down on you forever.
you hold me tight
in your heart and soul
but its painfull
that the loved one was taken
from your heart and is now
looking down on you forever for life.
and your not a shamed of me and are life we lived.
You see me walking on water,
walking through a waterfall of love.
that holds you with a rainbow of chains.
but theres no shame or pain to look through.
Lightness of Faith is with you through darkness to light of spirit

you are missed and loved.
from all your loved one's

© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Wizdom Shines on Sweet Dreams

your my free bird to heaven with lighting of fire with a heart of gold and a huge soul your a sweet child of mine with wizdom to life that shines through the sunset at night my preciouse one you remind me of the bright sunrise to sunset when i see you smile and it brings tears to my face just like a water fall when i shed tears for happiness and hope and a spirit from heavenly angles with my patiance to life of happiness. when i see you sat on your bedded cloud thats speeding past day and night watching over us i can see patiance through those shedding tears with a changing colour just like the clouds above there's no room for a good bymy water fall are my shedding tears of happiness and saddness but ill always have hope and spirit to guide you all the way and you will have us to guide you where needed to be, tell me more about are changed minds just like the weather and the sky above us all where you see happiness just like speeding spirit with many hopes and mysteries to look out for.

© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Angels Of Light

One chance, One life,
One oppertunity, One heart,
One soul your the light from heavenly soul
that lies on the bedded cloud and all the other
angles that lie on there bedded clouds up
in the sky looking down,
it's heavenly light that shines
upon those loved ones,
heart and soul.
Once chance, One love
is all you need in love
you have all you need when
your both in differnt places but you
both share the heavenly love
where ever you go.
your both have each
others heart and soul for every.
you will never be forgotton Callum
he's an angle that was sent from heaven and to take
care of his mommy looking down from his
bedded cloud every day.
this is dedicated to
Callum Francis Seaton
© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan

Fireing Temperture

Feel my temperture lighting to fire with hi demand for evil to spill but the heavenly angles are fireing there wisdom of gold down that holds them with heavenly love with many mystery's.
© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Glazing Storm

looking through your glaaaaaazzzzzzzzziiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggg eyes that havveee deep underrstandinggg with the shining stars a thousands miles in the sky, your the one picked out from the rest just by your glazing eyes.

Your the one that the glazing stars from a thousand miles choose,
your the one from a thousand miles got spotted and times and essents is the time in love and friendship to time.

your the one for me thats why i choose your glazing eyes, from all the other glazing stars, you shine out with an understanding to time in the essents to life, friendship and love.

your my body and soul that understand the way i feel your spirit flooting towards me with a big golded understanding the way i feel and your always there when i need you the most.

your my golden glazing star from a thousands miles with a dimond of glory to life and friendship and trust along the cliff tops with only the guilt to your misunderstanding but your glazing eyes shows your true colurs to life.
© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Captured Eye Bussiness Card

Please help yourself and feel free to print a card out

Monday, 4 May 2009

Unwrtten Words To Life

I'm unwritten and under justify and undermined of mystery and the sunshine is so underfined and also unco-operative and no one else can speak or feel your unwritten words that hold your head high, on the high way to sucess for the all mystery words of happiness.
This is not the way that i planned the mighty addictions off moving forward and all an experiance to enjoyment to furfull the all might success off happiness.
your the only one can speek your own unwritten words to sucess
to life through lightness of the clouds .

© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan

Many Thoughts For Life

I will never know what I want but what I do know Is that I want to explore the world before I make plans for the future. I have alot to discover in life and I don't want to lose the sparkle thats shining through the key hole to blossiming light.
© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan

Broken Voice

Your my broken voice and your
broken into a 1000 pieces,
when I gave up everythink and gave you space,
thats because your special.

© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan

Thousand Miles Away

I can feel your skin, when i'm out and about and
when I'm asleep evan thou your a thousand miles away,
i say a thousand miles away with only thing i have is you
building up the blossoming sunshine of true friendship and love with a mighty of honour off being freinds forever.
© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan

Summer Life

Summer Is on It's way,
thats why the life and soul
belongs outside
where the sun shines
with light.

© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan

Words Of Thoughts

Words Of Thoughts are the way off exprestions,
never let your thoughts go by always think your way
round of your intianl judgement to life.

© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan

Happiness Shines

Peace brings happiness,
Strenght brings many things
what you see in the goodness of time.
All people will come together in
peace gauranted by bringing
force of matural respect at
family, love and freindship.

© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan


Theres no time to waist around when mystery is lieing around the corner with the light blossoming from heaven of honour of love, theres no need of lieing in fear. Fear is a no game here in the resarection of population in the air your unforgetable to the highest points in my blood vains.

© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Life From A Merigoround

you're my merigoround with understanding of mystery fire of love with no doubts what so ever of understanding, the eternity of angels of soul from town to city, country. You're my mighty fire which comes with deep understanding that won't wash away with your tears hanging with out fear and you have high faith that you catch the right flight to your destiny of true understanding. Life that's waiting through the key hole of lightness holds with many mysteries and memories to come.

© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan

Thursday, 26 March 2009


© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Local Pictures

The Mystery Houses On The Ciff Side

The Family Home Became Nursing Home


Thursday, 26 February 2009

Art of Wisdom

© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan