Friday, 18 September 2009

Lightness of Faith

Lightness of Faith
Your in a distance of dust in the clouds that show
up at night shining down on the loved ones with light of love
My star is with you and my dust is sprinkled
over all the loved ones down on the surface
where the darkness and lightness flash
on to the earth of love.
The clouds in the sky blow me onto my
bedded cloud where i lay and watch
the sunset and sunrise go by
thinking about the loved ones i
left behind and knowing
that my star is flashing
down on you all with love.
I'm watching you from the clouds of heaven,
with the rainbow of love shining down on you forever.
you hold me tight
in your heart and soul
but its painfull
that the loved one was taken
from your heart and is now
looking down on you forever for life.
and your not a shamed of me and are life we lived.
You see me walking on water,
walking through a waterfall of love.
that holds you with a rainbow of chains.
but theres no shame or pain to look through.
Lightness of Faith is with you through darkness to light of spirit

you are missed and loved.
from all your loved one's

© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan

1 comment:

  1. Joseph, This poem and your site are very inspirational and I am glad you are here...keep up the good works! You know we have many teachers in life on how to live but not many on how to die. Instead we fear death. Death is not to be feared; death is just another stage of our lives. Our physical bodies don't live on but our spirits do. If we make a loving impression or difference in lives here on earth, then we will be remembered as good and we will live on through our loved ones.
    Mike Keller