Thursday, 10 September 2009

Wizdom Shines on Sweet Dreams

your my free bird to heaven with lighting of fire with a heart of gold and a huge soul your a sweet child of mine with wizdom to life that shines through the sunset at night my preciouse one you remind me of the bright sunrise to sunset when i see you smile and it brings tears to my face just like a water fall when i shed tears for happiness and hope and a spirit from heavenly angles with my patiance to life of happiness. when i see you sat on your bedded cloud thats speeding past day and night watching over us i can see patiance through those shedding tears with a changing colour just like the clouds above there's no room for a good bymy water fall are my shedding tears of happiness and saddness but ill always have hope and spirit to guide you all the way and you will have us to guide you where needed to be, tell me more about are changed minds just like the weather and the sky above us all where you see happiness just like speeding spirit with many hopes and mysteries to look out for.

© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan

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