Thursday, 7 May 2009

Captured Eye Bussiness Card

Please help yourself and feel free to print a card out

Monday, 4 May 2009

Unwrtten Words To Life

I'm unwritten and under justify and undermined of mystery and the sunshine is so underfined and also unco-operative and no one else can speak or feel your unwritten words that hold your head high, on the high way to sucess for the all mystery words of happiness.
This is not the way that i planned the mighty addictions off moving forward and all an experiance to enjoyment to furfull the all might success off happiness.
your the only one can speek your own unwritten words to sucess
to life through lightness of the clouds .

© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan

Many Thoughts For Life

I will never know what I want but what I do know Is that I want to explore the world before I make plans for the future. I have alot to discover in life and I don't want to lose the sparkle thats shining through the key hole to blossiming light.
© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan

Broken Voice

Your my broken voice and your
broken into a 1000 pieces,
when I gave up everythink and gave you space,
thats because your special.

© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan

Thousand Miles Away

I can feel your skin, when i'm out and about and
when I'm asleep evan thou your a thousand miles away,
i say a thousand miles away with only thing i have is you
building up the blossoming sunshine of true friendship and love with a mighty of honour off being freinds forever.
© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan

Summer Life

Summer Is on It's way,
thats why the life and soul
belongs outside
where the sun shines
with light.

© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan

Words Of Thoughts

Words Of Thoughts are the way off exprestions,
never let your thoughts go by always think your way
round of your intianl judgement to life.

© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan

Happiness Shines

Peace brings happiness,
Strenght brings many things
what you see in the goodness of time.
All people will come together in
peace gauranted by bringing
force of matural respect at
family, love and freindship.

© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan


Theres no time to waist around when mystery is lieing around the corner with the light blossoming from heaven of honour of love, theres no need of lieing in fear. Fear is a no game here in the resarection of population in the air your unforgetable to the highest points in my blood vains.

© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan