Sunday, 30 August 2009

Angels Of Light

One chance, One life,
One oppertunity, One heart,
One soul your the light from heavenly soul
that lies on the bedded cloud and all the other
angles that lie on there bedded clouds up
in the sky looking down,
it's heavenly light that shines
upon those loved ones,
heart and soul.
Once chance, One love
is all you need in love
you have all you need when
your both in differnt places but you
both share the heavenly love
where ever you go.
your both have each
others heart and soul for every.
you will never be forgotton Callum
he's an angle that was sent from heaven and to take
care of his mommy looking down from his
bedded cloud every day.
this is dedicated to
Callum Francis Seaton
© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan

Fireing Temperture

Feel my temperture lighting to fire with hi demand for evil to spill but the heavenly angles are fireing there wisdom of gold down that holds them with heavenly love with many mystery's.
© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan