Thursday, 4 June 2009

Glazing Storm

looking through your glaaaaaazzzzzzzzziiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggg eyes that havveee deep underrstandinggg with the shining stars a thousands miles in the sky, your the one picked out from the rest just by your glazing eyes.

Your the one that the glazing stars from a thousand miles choose,
your the one from a thousand miles got spotted and times and essents is the time in love and friendship to time.

your the one for me thats why i choose your glazing eyes, from all the other glazing stars, you shine out with an understanding to time in the essents to life, friendship and love.

your my body and soul that understand the way i feel your spirit flooting towards me with a big golded understanding the way i feel and your always there when i need you the most.

your my golden glazing star from a thousands miles with a dimond of glory to life and friendship and trust along the cliff tops with only the guilt to your misunderstanding but your glazing eyes shows your true colurs to life.
© 2009 Joseph Lee Oroszlan

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